ACE Reports

Reference Book for ACE

There are 3 required sections to an ACE report and 3 optional sections. The order listed below is the order the sections (if used) must appear in an ACE report.  Each section starts with the keyword identifying the section and ends with the keyword "end".

DATABASE This section specifies the database.
DEFINE This is an optional section used to declare variables or parameters to be used in the report. It can also define an ascii file to be used in place of a database table.
INPUT This optional section is used to pass information to the report. It is usually used to create a prompt for user input.
OUTPUT This optional section is used to format output for such characteristics as page length or top, bottom, left and right margins. It can also be used to redirect the output to a file, the printer or to a unix utility by using the key word "pipe".
SELECT This is a required section used to specify which columns and tables the report will draw data from. The syntax is the same as  the SQL  select statements, but it must end with the keyword "end".
FORMAT This is a required section that controls the page layout by indicating what will be printed out in the report and where it will be printed. It is this section that makes ACE a powerful report writing tool.

Comments can be included in a report specification by putting them in curly braces { }.

You can generate a default ACE report similar to generating a default form.   Many times just by making a few modifications to an existing report, you can create a whole new report.

You can automate ACE reports you have written.